Light Years

5 July - 3 August 2019

Perth Centre for Photography

Perth, Western Australia


Through our Own Eyes

Michael Jalaru Torres, Asher Milgate and Jeff Amato, Joe Hurst, Barbara McGrady and Nici Cumpston

7 June - 7 July 2019

Griffith Regional Art Gallery, Griffith, New South Wales


Beyond Dreamings: The Rise of Indigenous Australian Art in the United States

20 April 2018 - 7 July 2019

Kluge Ruhe Aboriginal Art Museum, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia, USA


Indigenous Australia Masterworks from the National Gallery of Australia

17 November 2017 – 2 April 2018

me Collectors Room, Berlin


Calling in, Nici Cumpston

9 February – 17 March, 2018

Michael Reid Gallery, Berlin